Choosing a wedding photographer

If you’re reading this then you’re obviously serious about making the right decision at this point of your wedding planning. And quite right too.

A wedding photographer has a huge part to play on the wedding day itself but leaves behind a legacy which a couple and their family will hold dear for generations. Needless to say, it’s an important thing to get right and a decision that need some thought. There is a whole range of wedding photographers available at any one time, each with their own style and way of working. And, each with a different price. I have to say, having been married for nearly ten years, I still love our weddings photos. But choosing a photographer back then was much easier than it is now.

How to budget for a wedding photographer is a tricky thing too. The only advice I would give (whether you book me or not) is this. Wedding photographs aren’t something that will immediately have a great meaning. But one, two, ten, twenty years down the line will be completely priceless. You’ve spent a lot of time and money creating the perfect wedding. Make sure you have the perfect photographs to remember it.

About me

I am married to my beautiful wife Corina and soon we will have a boy. I  have more hobbies and interests than I have time for. My family means the world to me. I eat a lot of chocolate, drink coffee and enjoy different cultures.

I’ve liked photography for as long as I can remember. But only started shooting in a professional capacity around three years ago. I am also working as a firefighter and I think this job made me cherish each moment and person that cross my life.